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7. So they really will place my title on ___________ (the true title of the child/children).

7. So they really will place my title on ___________ (the true title of the child/children).

This really is a demand of recognition. Lord, please spot Your holy mark to my kids. Set them aside to be utilized by You. Everyone loves them however you love them more. You like all of them with a love that is everlasting. May they express You well on the earthly journey. As soon as their journey is completed, welcome them house to reside forever with You.(notes by Ron Moore, your way)

6. Prayer for Comfort and Protection

Dear God, many thanks for being the daddy whom craves to love that is lavish goodness toward me personally.

assist me personally to acknowledge it, accept it and embrace it. It contributes to life far beyond the things I could hope or imagine. Could I aim to You first — nothing else — for convenience and security. We decide to find my remainder inside You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. – Jessica Martin

7. Prayer for Defense Against Evil

Heavenly Father, guide me personally and direct me personally you love them as I seek to love strangers the way. Assist me take dangers in this globe which need Your defense against the wicked one. I do want to live “dangerously” for Your glory, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. – Stephanie Raquel

8. Thanks for Jesus’s Protection

Dear Heavenly Father, many thanks, Lord for loving me personally and reminding me of the Truth. Assist me keep my eyes for you, particularly in times during the rejection.