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Site Center. Review the troubleshooting suggestions placed in this informative article if:

Site Center. Review the troubleshooting suggestions placed in this informative article if:


  • You can’t connect the Remote software with iTunes or Apple television
  • You can’t link through Residence Sharing
  • You’re difficulty that is having to an iTunes library or Apple television to that you’ve formerly linked


Before you proceed with troubleshooting any connectivity difficulties with Remote, ensure you have actually the most recent form of Remote installed on your own iOS unit.

Remote updates could be downloaded through the App shop on iPhone, iPad, or ipod itouch.

Check into other system demands

Find details about system demands.

Confirm proper iTunes settings

For connecting Remote with iTunes, iTunes needs to be operating on your Mac or Computer. Verify that you’re with the latest version of iTunes:

  • iTunes for Mac: Select iTunes look for Updates
  • iTunes for Windows: Select assist look for Updates

Check always your Home Sharing setup

With Remote 2.0 and soon after, Remote utilizes Residence Sharing for control and setup with iTunes or Apple television. For extra information about establishing up Remote to regulate your iTunes library or Apple TV.

To setup or troubleshoot Home Sharing on Apple television:

Always check your System connections

Your iPhone, iPad, or touch that is iPod to be on a single house or regional system while the Apple television or iTunes collection you’re wanting to get a handle on.

Note: Some Wi-Fi sites configurations delivers a Guest system that will block specific Internet services from working or seeing other products on the house system.

In addition, be sure that all of your products are linked to the exact same router, for those who have numerous routers. Utilizing numerous routers may avoid development between the unit.

Restart your system router

Restart your house community router utilising the technique suggested by its documents.