HotOrNot profile examples

Genevieve emphasizes what she believes in and features a prompt for folks for connecting

Genevieve emphasizes what she believes <a href="">hotornot</a> in and features a prompt for folks for connecting

Genevieve stands apart because she:

  • Talks straight to your reader, opening with “Oh hey all!”
  • Features her passion for assisting other people upfront, making her highly approachable.
  • Uses bold language to grab your attention — then allows you to smile.
  • Asks people to tell her exactly what publications they’re reading and podcasts they’re playing, motivating them to get in touch.

10. Aliza proves she’s intellectually interested with a fruitful background — she does not simply state she actually is

Aliza sticks out because she:

  • Posseses an attention-grabbing opening that shows down her expertise.
  • Amounts up key achievements and expertise in one effect phrase (paragraph 3).
  • Cites functions outside of work to reinforce her leadership place.

14 methods for the perfect LinkedIn profile summary

The summaries above have both great substance and great design. Substance could be the “what to express” and arises from the subjects you cover. Design could be the “how to state it” and originates from the tone and structure of the terms. There’s no one right way to tackle either, but our examples reveal guidelines.

Tips 1-7: What to state

Here are seven of the most extremely typical topics covered in great summaries. You don’t need certainly to cover them, but target at the least a few to make certain substance that is enough.

1. Describe why is you tick

Passion could be the heart of the best summaries. Setting up in what you adore to complete adds context to your job.