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The kick of urban gardening is making fat money and sticking it to the Man for Wally Satzewich.

The kick of urban gardening is making fat money and sticking it to the Man for Wally Satzewich.

Appeal of the Urban Veggie Garden

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Bryan Zandberg could be the editor that is assistant of Tyee.

Thing is, he is doing it growing leafy greens in individuals back yards.

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He is one of the most significant urbanites whom like to get dirty. Which can be ironic, because for generations, waves of migrants kept the toil that is ragged of country behind to slide into the clean cubicles of the Suggestions Age. Yet town slickers of most stripes are now actually down within the soil, sowing veggies like their country forebears did. Besides some kind of West Coast leguminous nirvana, you must ask just what compels them. In Vancouver at the least, it appears they are greening up the city for anything from cash, to posh ingredients, to metropolitan renewal, to muscular tonus.

Satzewich’s brand of urban gardening is known as SPIN — “small-plot intensive farming” — also it means renting the trunk forty from residential homeowners, ploughing their lawns under and then turning tens and thousands of dollars in earnings attempting to sell the high-end produce developed by hand.

Satzewich and his spouse Gail Vandersteen have always been city dwellers whom desired to develop their grub that is own they t k whatever they imagined was the logical action to getting 20 acres of land about 40 moments north of Saskat n.

Leafy niche

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But from time one, their dream withered on the vine. They mightn’t pay the high start-up costs, in addition they could not contend with the industrial-scale operations around them.