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As Japan is far more open about portraying homosexuality with its kid’s media

As Japan is far more open about portraying homosexuality with its kid’s media

than lots of region for the West, [1] [2] several homosexual affairs came out for the Sailor Moon show. It must be observed that not all the continuities overlap on this subject subject matter, but plus some characters who were displayed as homosexual in one single continuity were not provided as a result in other people.

In a set with a largely feminine cast, connections between your girls, real or thought, comprise unavoidable.


Listed below are characters with a lesbian sexual direction that was clarified when you look at the collection’ canon.

Uranus and Neptune

Really the only two honestly homosexual Senshi from the collection, their partnership is canon in both the anime and manga. These people were in a relationship from their initial looks and are quite truthful about this. Haruka flirted along with other ladies very often (specifically Usagi), and Michiru periodically flirted with guys, nonetheless happened to be focused on each other. They after became kids Hotaru’s “mama” and “papa.”

Star Fighter

Seiya’s fascination with Usagi in the anime and manga maybe considered direct, but their natural type is female, with his affections seemed similarly stronger as Sailor celebrity Fighter. It must also be observed that for the manga, it actually was extremely greatly implied that Star Fighter (who, like all the Sailor Starlights, merely cross-dressed to disguise by herself as a boy within how to message someone on datemyage the manga) have an unrequited fascination with Princess Kakyuu; this passion was also, but much less heavily, suggested when you look at the anime.